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Selenium with C#.Net Tutorial

Hello there - Please find below the Tutorial on Selenium and C#.Net. Hope you will enjoy reading it.

Basic Topics in Selenium + C#.Net

  1. Installation and setting up project
  2. Launching Internet Explorer Browser and Google Chrome browser
  3. Navigating to particular URL
  4. Closing the browser window 
  5. Get the title of the browser window
  6. Maximizing the browser window
  7. Element Identification methods
  8. Finding elements using CSS Selectors
  9. Finding elements using Xpath Selectors
  10. Entering data in web edit box
  11. How to click on link or buttons
  12. How to select the check box 
  13. Adding synchronization 
  14. How to select the value from the drop down or list box
  15. Reading value from the text box in selenium
  16. Reading data from web table
  17. Get the value selected in the drop down list box
  18. Verify if Element is displayed or not
  19. Verify if Radio Button is selected or not
  20. Verify if check box is selected or not
  21. Verify if button is enabled or not
  22. How to press any key 
Advanced Topics in Selenium + C#.Net
  1. Taking screenshot
  2. Performing mouse hover action
  3. Executing Javascript
  4. Uploading file
  5. Handling frames
  6. Handling alerts
  7. Handling multiple browser windows
  8. Open context menu
  9. Double click on element in selenium
  10. Drag and Drop elements
  11. Sending mail
  12. Keyword Driven framework

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Common Issues, Errors and Exceptions in Selenium

Below is the list of common issues you might face while automating the tests.

Environmental Issues and Exceptions
  1. Unexpected error launching Internet Explorer. Protected Mode settings are not the same for all zones
  2. The method sendKeys(CharSequence[]) in the type WebElement is not applicable for the arguments (String)
  3. Timed out receiving message from renderer
  4. Unexpected modal dialog is present in Internet Explorer
  5. Element is disabled Exception
  6. Unable to switch to new window due to incorrect window handle count
  7. StaleElementExeption
  8. ElementNotFoundException - unable to find element
  9. unable to find element on closed window
  10. Unable to find standalone executable
  11. Unable to get  browser
  12. Unable to locate element in Selenium webdriver
  13. Unable to locate frame in Selenium webdriver
  14. Unable to find element in Selenium webdriver
  15. Unable to locate frame in Selenium webdriver
  16. Unable to discover open pages in Selenium webdriver
  17. No such Element Exception
  18. Element is not clickable at this point..Other element would receive the click 
  19. Driver executable does not exist
  20. Element is not currently visible and so may not be interacted with
Synchronization Issues
  1. Wait until page loads
  2. Wait until Element loads
  3. Wait until Element is really able to accept the input
Complex Web Element Issues
What do you think on above selenium topic. Please provide your inputs and comments. You can write to me at

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