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Selenium Webdriver in Python Book

Hello friends - I am going to recommend the best book to learn selenium web driver in Python.
You can buy this book to learn selenium web driver from the scratch.

Salient features of this book - Selenium Webdriver in Python

  1. Written by the selenium expert having industry experience of 10 years.
  2. Describes how we can automate all browsers like Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer.
  3. Covers designing of automation framework in Python.
  4. Covers string and date time programming in Python.
  5. All examples have been explained in detail.
Topics covered in this book  - Selenium Webdriver in Python

  1. Basic programming in Python
  2. Installation of python in windows environment
  3. Installation of selenium webdriver in Python IDE
  4. Inspecting the html elements in all browsers like Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer etc.
  5. Methods of element identification like xpath, css selectors, name, id, class, tag name.
  6. Working with edit boxes, combo boxes, check boxes, radio buttons, links, buttons etc.
  7. Synchronization of Selenium Scripts.
  8. Working with frames and windows in selenium.
  9. Doing mouse events in selenium.
  10. Challenges in selenium automation like ajax, flex, silverlight, hidden elements.
  11. ROI and metrics in Selenium Webdriver.
  12. Click the links or buttons in Web tables.
  13. Regular expressions in Selenium Webdriver in Java
  14. Html DOM in Selenium Webdriver
  15. Multi-Browser Testing of the application using Selenium.
  16. Using Java Arrays in Selenium.
  17. Interview Questions on Selenium Webdriver.
  18. Generating HTML Reports in Selenium. 
  19. Keyword Driven Automation framework.
  20. Working with encrypted passwords.
  21. Working with text and Excel files in Selenium.
  22. Working with databases in Selenium Webdriver
  23. Find the execution time in Selenium Webdriver
  24. Sending mails in Selenium Webdriver.
  25. Converting Data types in selenium.
  26. Upload file in Selenium Webdriver
  27. Send Keys  in Selenium Webdriver
  28. Find the elements relative to each other
  29. Executing Java Scripts in Selenium Webdriver
  30. Exceptions in Selenium Webdriver
  31. Automatically Downloading files in Selenium Webdriver
  32. Strings in Python
  33. Date and Time in Python
  34. Changing the settings of browser like delete cookies, enable prot. mode
  35. Changing proxy in Selenium Webdriver
  36. Selenium Grid
  37. Selenium IDE
  38. Different unit testing Frameworks in Selenium Webdriver

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Price of the book - Selenium Webdriver in Python
Price of this book is  reasonable. You can check it at below urls.

Where to buy/download this book
You can buy/download this book at below URLs.

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 What do you think on above selenium topic. Please provide your inputs and comments. Thanks

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