Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Selenium online training in Auckland, Wellington, Hamilton, Tauranga, Christchurch

If you want to learn Selenium quickly, you can attend the online classes/tutions. Please find more details about online training of Selenium in  Auckland, Wellington, Hamilton, Tauranga, Christchurch.

Selenium Online Training features
  1. We will have interactive sessions via online meetings with video conferencing.
  2. To register for the online course, you have to send an email to reply2sagar@gmail.com
  3. Further details will be sent to you after your registration is confirmed.
  4. You can ask questions during the session and clarify your doubts.
  5. You should have a headset and computer with Internet Connection.
  6. Live training will be given on Selenium.
  7. The cost of selenium course is $250.
Selenium Course Syllabus
  1. Selenium Basics.
  2. Selenium Webdriver - Element Identification methods.
  3. Handling multiple frames, windows.
  4. Automation Frameworks in Selenium Webdriver.
  5. Java Basics - switch and loops
  6. Strings, Arrays, Date Time, Maths
  7. Classes and members - access modifiers and constructors.
  8. abstract classes and interfaces
  9. Encapsulations, inheritance
  10. Polymorphism - overloading and overriding
  11. Streams.
  12. Exceptions.
  13. Java and Excel
  14. Selenium - Installation in Java
  15. Selenium and different browsers.
  16. Exceptions in Selenium.
  17. Identifying Elements using xpath, css, id, classname, tags.
  18. Entering Data in edit boxes.
  19. working with links , buttons, checkboxes, weblists, radio buttons.
  20. Adding Synchronization Points in Selenium.
Timings and Duration for online Selenium Training
  1. New batch starts every Saturday at 4 PM and 9 PM India time.
  2. Online Classes will be conducted on every Saturday and Sunday.
  3. Each class will be of 1 hour.
  4. Timing is 4 PM and 9 PM India time.
Many IT Professionals in New Zealand have found this online course very useful to learn the important concepts of Selenium Webdriver. So if you wanna add extra skill to your resume, you can join this class. You have to just send an email to reply2sagar@gmail.com

Please give your inputs, suggestions, feedback to Us about above Selenium topic. We value your thoughts. You can write to me at reply2sagar@gmail.com

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