Sunday, 27 March 2016

Running Selenium tests using Jenkins and GIT

We can run selenium tests using Jenkins very easily.

How to set up Jenkins?
  1. Download Jenkins.
  2. Install git client
  3. Set up maven task
Configuring Jenkins and running selenium tests
Jenkins server can be accessed @ localhost:8080
Please have a look at below images of Jenkins server.

  1. Go to localhost:8080 to open Jenkins Home screen
  2. Then configure JDK and Maven
  3. Then install git plug-in
  4. Then create new maven job
  5. In maven job configuration, specify the git details (git url where your selenium tests are kept) and build trigger.
  6. Then Specify Maven goal
  7. Once Job is saved, you can manually run it or wait until it gets triggered automatically.
  8. When the job is running, you can view the console output as well.

Jenkins Server Home Screen

Jenkins Server - JDK Configuration

Jenkins Server - Maven Configuration

Jenkins Server - Manage Plug-ins

Jenkins Server - Install Git Plug-ins

Jenkins Server - Create new Maven Project

Jenkins Server - GIT configuration

Jenkins Server - Build trigger and goal

Jenkins Server - Running build

Jenkins Server - Console output

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