Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Comparison between Selenium and Appium

Here is the comparison between Selenium and Appium
  1. Selenium is an open source tool to test web applications running in desktop browsers. Appium is an open source tool to test the web applications running in mobile browsers. Appium also supports automation of native and hybrid mobile applications developed for iOS and Android OS. Appium uses selenium API to test the applications.
  2. Appium wraps vendor specific API into Webdriver API which is common for automating all types of mobile browsers. For example - Android API is different than iOS API. But Webdriver API is same. That's what Appium does for you!
  3. Appium can be used to test applications on various devices and platforms like Android phones, Apple iPads, Apple iPhones etc
Below image shows the difference between Selenium and Appium.

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